About Me

Who are you?

this page is sooo outdated, still in progress...

Who inspires you?

A bunch of computer people: Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Randall Munroe, Mark Russinovich and that Zuckerberg guy.

Some other people including Stanley Kubrick, James Rolfe, Benedict Cumberbatch.
Clemence Poesy? Karen Gillan? Lea Seydoux? :) These three are my celebrity crushes.

Current Skillsets?

Universal Windows Platform development is my current focus. That includes C#, XAML, Microsoft SQL Server. Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript with C# backend) is my second current focus and I am starting to use plain linux console when developing in them. Yeah, Linux and Vim! I can do a little bit of hard core stuff using C++. I do not use JAVA. I can do intermediate level Photoshop, After Effects and, audio remix and mastering.

What do you use?

wait, i'm still working on this...

Icarus Lambda???

I just thought of a name from two very random and meaningless words, haha. Actually, Icarus is that guy from Greek Mythos where, despite his father's warning, flew too close to the sun it melted his artificial feathers and fell from the sky. It is also the name of crazy big spacecraft from Sunshine. Lambda is the 11th letter of the greek alphabet. Anonymous functions in programming are named after it. Lambda is also a type of imperial shuttle in Star Wars. I'm not that interested in greek stuffs. I prefer latin and german, and currently trying to learn them.