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Awesome! I've got my Pebble Time!

After a few months of waiting, my Kickstarter Edition of the brand new Pebble Time has finally arrived in my mail!!! Here are some pics of my unboxing and some first impressions:

After powering it, it has to be paired with a device with a pebble time app. Unfortunately, as of this writing, they don't have an app for Windows devices, which is what I primarily use. WTF.

The band really feels good!!

It still needs to download a firmware first...


seems familiar??

It's got awesome apps like compass and some apps that can track your health and sleep, and I bet there's more that I haven't tried yet.
The best points on this smartwatch is that it can have at least 7 days of battery life (Compared to your typical smartwatch that's usually 48 hours). Also, it feels light wearing it on the wrist. It is smaller and sexier than the original pebble.
To learn more about this smartwatch, go to https://getpebble.com/pebble_time