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Finally! The Das Keyboard 5Q has arrived

After patiently waiting for like 18 months after getting funded in kickstarter I finally received this Das Keyboard 5Q. It's a mechanical keyboard but they marketed it as the "Cloud-connected keyboard."

The box seems nicely enticing but unfortunately, you cannot judge a book by its cover. For example: this product.
How could a well established and popular keyboard manufacturer managed to fuck this up? The big reason I bit into this kickstarter is that they have been building quality keyboards ever since. I told in an earlier post I have a Das Keyboard 4 Professional and sadly, this 5Q couldn't match the quality of the great DKB 4.

After seeing terrible feedback from the early recipients and lots of delays I went "oh no" and chillfully lowered all my expectations. That I have thrown $150 and will be receiving a cheap ass keyboard.

Now the keybaord itself. It has an aluminum board that felt similar to 4. It has a braided cable but only has USB 2.0 and not passthrough. You can barely see the labels on the keys with all the lights turned off. Compared to my DKB 4's Cherry Brown switches, the Gamma Zulu switches here feels like it needs more actuating force to push down.


And now, after using this for about a month, here's my biggest annoyance on this keyboard. Every time you type down it leaves a noise like there's a loose metal or a spring that reverbs inside the case. It does get annoying even though it's a little bit faint. Fortunately within a month I got used to it.

The palmrest, somehow feels nice and hasn't degraded after a month of use.

The 5Q software, as expected from early comments, is a nightmare and feels incomplete. It's as if it was coded by a poorly unpaid intern. You can onl32y change the color of the keys one at a time. There's not even a control for the brightness of the lights! It is so rudimentary. They have released a new update, but it's not that substantial. I've lost my mood to cloudify/customize/RGB-ize it and probably will turn the lights off forever.

tldr; Forget about cloud connectivity. That part works but it's impractical. It's still a keyboard but I don't recommend this. Sad.