Graduating to a Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are single most greatest component of a computer set, rhetorically that is. Also they're one of the greatest tangible upgrades you can get for your beloved computer.

So what's a mechanical keyboard?
Most likely the keyboard you're using are those conventional membrane or scissor ones. They use cheaper materials and therefore do not last long.

Mechanical keyboards have lots of benefits. Topping the list is that these things last for a long time. Due to their construction/switching mechanisms, each keystrokes will give you a solid satisfying feel.

Ok, finally I've decided to buy myself one. I choose the Das Keyboard 4 Professional. This has a big reputation for being called the best keyboard in the world ever. It's got a nice volume wheel and a usb hub built-in too - a bonus.

It came with a big, long amazon box

Briefly, you have different kinds of switches to choose for your mechanical keyboards. I chose the one with the brown switches: It gives you a tactile bump when a keystroke is registered. Blue switches on the other hand, feels the same as the brown one but clicky and noisy, just like the classic IBM Model M keyboards.

And yes it is true! It is worth the price! Whether you're a gamer or you type a lot, this is a solid blessing.