Happy 25 Years, World Wide Web!

I may be a day late but still, I'm wishing the internet a very happy birthday! Internet as how it works today first came to life when Tim Berners-Lee launched a network of linked hypertext documents from his NeXT computer in 1989. It was just a simple set of documents linked together for use by the CERN.

Do you wanna see how the internet looks like 25 years ago? Sadly, the earliest copies of the World Wide Web were deleted. But still, I can show you a 1992 copy in which Tim Berners-Lee kept in a small floppy: http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html

For some of you web developers reading this, you may notice how simple yet presentable it looks. Yeah, check out how responsive the design is! (Sort of)
first web site on htc 8x

A very short history:

Berners-Lee originally built it not to free information or enable social networking or to make the world's data searchable. He just wanted to make his and his colleagues' lives easier. CERN was a very big campus of laboratories. With large projects scientists logged in so many data on different computer systems that being able to cross-reference it all was impossible. Much of his ideas on WWW are on this proposal, giving the scientists a better solution on managing tons of information. It's design of interlinked hypertext documents were so flexible it evolved and used by many other organizations. The rest is history.

Once again, Belated Happy Birthday to the WWW!!