HELLO, btches!

So, I have decided to create a new blog apart from my old blog site at anjelo.wordpress.com. That went outdated and I have lost my urge to update it once more.

Stay tuned here as I will be posting a LOT of stuff like code snippets, ideas, whatever I want to share to the whole world! I post short and micro stuffs and ideas on twitter.com/anjelo

Usually, I use wordpress as my standard blogging or easy web development tool. But this time I would like to try this ghost platform. It is a very young, very versatile and promising blogging platform with very minimalistic UI. I ended up liking it very much!

By the way, as a short introduction, I'm anjelo, a computer polymath (can do everything from fixing hardware to coding C, C++, C#, HTML blah blah you name it!) I moved to the US from the Philippines last April.