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HTC 7 Mozart's new life as an iPod

Before I have an HTC 8X(and before I got here in US), my primary phone was an HTC 7 Mozart. It was one of the first Windows Phones released. Since I have been using my HTC 8X for more than a year, Mozart has been pretty much neglected gathering lots of dust, until now.

htc mozart and htc 8x

I have an idea to repurpose it into something like an ipod touch. Since its Zune music player app is superior, I did not regret my idea. So i turned my old mozart into an ipod...You know: a dedicated music player.

htc mozart

I put my favorite pieces from my classical music collection in it. I pinned my favorite artists and albums to the start screen so that I get this colorful setup:

still a work in progress

And no, I did not make my Windows Phone look like an iPod.
Now, my HTC 7 Mozart has breathe into a new life! It's now my dedicated player for classical music. Other genres, they're always welcome on my 8X.