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I think I need a new phone

I've been using my HTC 8X for a year now. But as of now, I think its battery power is starting to decline. On normal use, it will end up to 6 hours(around 3 hours on intense usage) before I need to charge it. Also, I cannot update to the latest Windows 8.1 update because of that shitty HTC drivers issue. I'm getting bored of waiting them! Another good reason is that most of my friends' got new flagship phones.

HTC 8x

I'm considering some Lumias to replace it:
(Lumias because Nokia, Nokia because Microsoft...)

Lumia 930

Lumia 930 - I really love this flagship class phone but its network support is not compatible with T-mobile, my current provider. I may be able to go for standard GSM but not up to 3G, 4G, etc.

Lumia Icon - The Verizon-exclusive US version of 930 (although this was the first one released). I need the unlocked one. One problem: it does not have the Lumia Cyan update as of this writing.

Lumia 1520

Lumia 1520 - Its specs attract me except its size. It is also a bit more expensive than the rest of my list.

Lumia 820

Lumia 820 (830) - Still rumored as of now. They say it may pack a nice 20MP PureView Camera on a mid-range spec, 4.7 inch screen (which I like much), MicroSD slot? It may take a few months before they finally release this so I need patience. 820, you are my only hope!
UPDATE: I meant the Lumia 830 sorry

lumia 925

Lumia 925 - A bit the same specs as with my HTC 8x, same memory, same processor, boring, but I still considered on my list. It's Cheaper.


Wait for a month more before I get a new phone, it's close to September by the way. :(