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Impulse Buy: Lenovo Explorer WMR Headset

So I impulsively bought my first ever VR/MR headset which is the Lenovo Explorer. It was priced half-off at $199 so for about a price of a cheap XBox One I can have a decent VR/MR set. They typically run around $400-500. This set also includes the controllers too.

I still refuse to call it Mixed Reality since I was able to try their demo at Best Buy. They're basically VR only having smoother framerates. Smooth framerates are what blew me off. This is what makes these things appealing. It makes your VR environment more natural and less nauseating.

I expect I will try the following things first once I got my lenovo explorer and got it set up:

  • Google Earth VR (Everyone on reddit's recommending it)
  • Universe Sandbox 2 (Being able to simulate solar systems, fancy orbital mechanics and universes first hand like a god!)
  • Tilt Brush (Imagine immersive 3D art)

I will be uploading pictures once I get the package delivered to me. It may not look like it but I'm pretty much excited!