8.1 highlights

Finally the circle is complete! I installed the 8.1 developer preview to my HTC 8x and tried it for a few days before posting this. I can now upload images from IE! Here are more of my favorite new features of Windows 8.1

IE 11 reading mode

Cortana is gloriously simple

Notifications/Action Center

Awesome Start Screen Tile Backgrounds

Of course, since this is just the Developer Preview, this is not yet final. Therefore, there are still A LOT of stuff that needs to be fixed and polished.
Here's a list I noticed most:

  • DECREASED BATTERY LIFE - I really hate it!
  • Xbox Music App needs to be fixed: from the interface to its functionality. It works, but it's butt-ugly. It's slow and lacks functionality.
  • Now playing artist pic doesn't show up anymore on lock screen :(
  • I didn't mind other user's complaints like the deintegration of social apps and putting the list of your games to your main apps list.

don't try it... yet!