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My 2018 Everyday Carry

One day while browsing youtube[1], I stumbled upon a bunch of videos of people nicely showing their EDCs or Everyday Carry items. These are items they're showing are what they usually carry in their pockets or bags in an everyday basis.

What if I try to show my everyday carry items but through blogging? Let's see.

Here's what I always have with me everyday


Iphone 7 with Woodchuck Case



Bought the case from Woodchuck philippines. They really used real wood on it and they have it laminated pretty nice that it doesnt have any obvious scratches or signs of wood chipping off yet. It blends interestingly nice with wooden tables.

Faler Minimalist Wallet


I'm starting to become a fan of real leather. Real as in something better than "Genuine Leather," like Grain Leather. Therefore, I got this simple wallet from Faler to hold like 2 of my credit cards and my driver's license. It's pretty slim and most of all, made in USA!



I choose either of the two to wear everyday:

  1. A Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809 which is not just an automatic watch but is also for like $60-70 this is absolutely the best watch you can get for that price. I tell you, the quality is unbelieveably high.
    I replaced its original nylon band with a black leather Hirsch strap.
  2. A Marathon Navigator This one is a more rugged watch but it uses a Swiss quartz movement and fancy tritium tubes[2]. It's very lightweight because of the fibershell case[3]. It has a second timezone bezel which is my absolute favorite on this watch. On that same bezel it also has extra markings just in case I need to use it as a quick timer. I replaced its original black nylon strap with an olive green NATO strap from Wrist Candy Watch Club. It suits the watch perfectly!



I always bring two eyeglasses I both bought from eyebuydirect. They are pretty cheap compared to brick and mortar eye stores and I have yet to decomission any of my frames I bought from them.

  1. Craig This style has a professional look.
  2. Malibu This wooden-ish frame sunglasses is a great pair for my Woodchucked Iphone. I opted to include my prescription on my lenses.

I forgot to mention the other nice stuff I have in my keychain:

  1. My keyring that holds all the keys is a Titanium Keyring from Domestic Domestic Made in USA!
  2. That leather tag is a limited edition Tanner Goods x Domestic Domestic key tag marked with "Little Rock". I cannot find the product page so I think they're not selling it anymore. Made in USA!
  3. My current minimalist multitool is a Swiss+Tech 6-in-1 Utility Key. It tries to pretend like a key blending with the rest of them.

  1. Recently I have been watching aircraft videos and watch enthusiast vloggers like "TGV" ↩︎

  2. Meaning they always lit up no matter what, and that's amazing ↩︎

  3. some form of toughened up plastic ↩︎