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So I Bought a Lumia 1520

Remember that one post where I'm thinking of buying a new phone? Yeah, I finally conquered my dilemma and chose a Lumia 1520. Why that one? Well, the support for Lumia Icon is running out dry, 930 is pretty incompatible to US networks and others are getting old. And then the 830? I need a "Flagship" phone! With the specs of an Icon, 830 doesn't fit on it.

This post may not be necessarily a review, since this phone was released around a year ago. I'll just give you my impressions.

First Impressions

It is really BIG! As in MAMMOTH BIG!! It is really a BIG-ASS phone as they call it.
First impressions really last.

Compared to my HTC Mozart and HTC 8X:

Taken from my Nexus 7, which has a shitty camera

Daily usage

Despite its leviathan form factor, (yeah, leviathan,) I have no big complaints about its size. It fits my slacks, (okay don't mind asking about how does it fit on jeans,) and then I always carry it on hand.

Compared to my old 8X, it is definitely fast! Speed is absolutely noticeable since first boot. Since it's expandable with a microSD, BOOM! I can do almost everything on it, with remote desktop as my favorite.

I'm really loving this screen. It's in the full glory of IPS and full HD 1080p. It's all too crystal clear on everything, every app you can see on the screen.

And then here are the perks of using a Lumia: exclusive enhancements and apps! Yeah, I never experienced that kind of awesomeness when I was using HTC.

And what about the camera?

It exceeds expectations! 20MP Zeiss Lens-packed Pureview camera does not only fit the job of taking instant photos clearly, it far exceeds it! Not to mention it got better image stabilization and Lumia Refocus, yeah, I've never been this awestruck before. It is far more satisfying for me.

Here are some really quick shots for your pleasure:

I love its design: Simple, monolithic, and thin-looking.

Nicknames. And now, I shall call him...
Arcangelo Corelli, Mammoth Tank, The Leviathan, Super Star Destroyer Executor, The Oncoming Storm, The Monolith, TMA-1, Snorlax, Big bertha. hahaha!

I guess what I got has specs "greater" than a typical flagship not to mention it supports a microSD card! It's worth the money. Hope It'll last.

Oh by the way, Google just announced the new Nexus 6. It's the same size as this 1520, so basically a direct competitor, but MEH, I've got the superior camera. hahaha! And also, what will you do on a 2K resolution squeezed on a small screen? Magnifying glass? I just don't like the idea.