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Some Thoughts on Using Between Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

I bought an Amazon Echo Dot several months ago for the purpose of having a cheap, handy voice assistant that can hear me even when I speak softly. Google Home Mini didn't exist back then. I end up using it pretty regularly as an alarm clock and a quick Q&A assistant for looking up stuff like weather, what is that thing, and what time is it in other places.
So, after using the Google Home Mini for a few months, here are my thoughts of it:

Amazon Echo Dot


  • Hardware buttons, I can stop the alarm by pressing it.

  • I like how the mute microphone button is pretty visible and more accessible compared to Home Mini.
    No Like

  • Weak integration with Google services.

  • Audio quality sounds a little less than Google Home Mini. (Prolly a nitpick)

Google Home Mini


  • Similar abilities with the Echo Dot
  • "Okay Google, turn off alarm" -meaning that I don't have to go up and press the button to stop the alarm.

No Like

  • No hardware button to stop the alarm manually if I do not want to shout out to google that I want to stop the ringing alarm. Although there were rumors that Google is gonna reactivate that button in an update in the future.
  • App Keeps nagging me to set up multiple users feature.
  • Cannot hook it to a non bluetooth wired speaker.

Both of them can

  • Hear you even when you speak almost quietly or when you're on the other side of a big room.
  • Tell the weather. As that's what I ask them the most every time.
  • Play this audio book, play that song.

So... Do you need one?

I would recommend either of them if you end up being too lazy to pull up your weather app to see the weather. If you need a $50 (or less because they usually put them on discounted price) alarm clock, you wouldn't regret it.