Using Linux is Fun, Isn't it?

Nope, Linux sucks. The UI is really boring. Menu bars here, menu bars there... Ubuntu's Unity interface tries to be cool but it sucks... There's a pretty steep learning curve blah, blah... Yeah, Linux sucks, unless you start using things in the terminal (command-line, bash or whatever you call it...) Things start to get pretty cool when you doing your work on the terminal. I mean look at this!
Crunchbang linux and lot of open terminals

You really look like a badass hacker you see in the movies, but actually you're just editing an html file via Vim while playing music on cmus. That's my number one reason I use some Linux.

That image above is Crunchbang Linux by the way, one of the lighter, yet more versatile flavors. I used to try a lot of linuxes. I tried Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, Knoppix, Damn Small Linux, Slacko, I am almost a linux collector because of that habit. Lately I discovered this Crunchbang and I loved it! It's faster than the most and still it can be powerful. I proven it since I've got it installed on my rugged Pentium IV IBM A31. It is also minimalistic:
Crunchbang Linux desktop

My tip for beginners: You really need to learn some stuff like bash, vim and SSH. It may be hard but the reward is the priceless glory of productivity with a bonus of looking like those badass hackers from Live Free or Die Hard.

P.S. Don't worry, somehow, I still use Windows 8.1 on my other laptop :)