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Bought My First MR/VR Headset: Update

Previously I told you how I bought my first MR/VR headset by impulse. Now the package has arrived and I was able to try it!

As you can see above, the box and packaging isn't that much to expect.
I was underwhelmed with the first things I tried with it.

Universe Sandbox 2 on VR is just a prerecorded intro demo I could not skip.
Google Earth VR is meh-ish for me as it just shows you the same thing you'd see on a browser. Everything is boring.

Second try, this time I tried setting up larger boundaries so that I have plenty of space to move around. Now that, is a completely different ballpark! Everything is now awesome and you have this sense of feeling that you have been transported into a different world. Now I found out that the key to having a successful VR setup is to have plenty of room around you. Basically, most Steam VR games should work with Windows MR. However, you need to run Steam VR app by accessing the desktop while you're on Windows Mixed Reality Home.

screenshots just cannot do justice on it
Universe Sandbox 2 now has working controls. I can now finally skip that stupid intro demo! However I wasn't able to spawn anything yet other than moons. Right now, I'm stuck to throwing moons at planets. Irregardless, I can now feel that I am a god playing around planets with it.

war-thunder just a screenshot
above screenshot when I tried to facebook live myself playing war thunder
VR on War Thunder has been around from quite some time but man I tell you, this is the closest thing you can get from flying and fighting against WWII warplanes. You are in the cockpit. The target indicator - that old-school HUD thingy in front of you that helps you aim your target - is as real as it gets. However controls are still keyboard and mouse. You'd end up sitting in front of your computer as usual. I don't think it requires room space like the others.

some 3D sketch i made
Google's Tilt Brush app is simple but breathtakingly awesome. You have these set of tools that are easy to use on your left hand. And then your right hand is at your disposal to paint in 3D. You can have this prop where you can paint/design your own dressor clothes. You can also take a pic, a gif or a video of your creation!

I have yet to try:

Taking screenshots are tricky when it comes to SteamVR compared to taking screenshots in your Windows MR room. Now, I remember I took a couple of screenshots when I was at that home room in Windows MR but I could not find it anywhere. Must be an unfortunate bug.

Comparing this to the HoloLens, these Windows "Mixed Reality" headsets doesn't offer the same experience as the former where it tries to blend reality with virtual objects and letting you interact vice-versa. Instead, these Windows MR headsets are basically VR headsets, providing you a completely isolated experience from the real world.

Are these worth the discounted $200? Yes! As long as you've got plenty of room.